Automotive Use Case

Send OTA updates with confidence

Automotive industry is moving towards level 5 in autonomous vehicles. Inorder to maintain its reputation in market, the OEM has not only to distinguish its supply chain protection with uniqueness  but also to safeguard the owner of the vehicle. With OTAinfo, add this crown to infrastructure with an affordable overhead

Distribution of Trust

Make the supply chain collaborate dynamically to ensure vehicle safety and not worry safe delivery mechanism

Partial or complete validation of trust

Critical software update and data can be undergo a complete verification while least important data can be partially verified before use

Defend attacks in real time

Defend against the attacks that happen during a data transfer. Make the remote automobile smart to identify correct data before using it

Use more secure way for data flow

Distributed systems are safer than single point systems. Infrastructure using distributed frameworks can resist against loss even due to a leak of critical piece of information. Such systems do not give control to a single person, entity or organisation.

Explicit revocation/Expiration of cryptographic keys

Manage cryptographic keys with power to revoke before expiration if it is found compromised. Identify and revoke the compromised key before data/vehicle is affected.

Close all doors for attackers

Ensure the attacker returns back from any door they choose to enter. Avoid running time consuming and resource requiring mechanisms to find how the attack happened. Use the resources in smarter jobs.

Create a safer world

Build a world that confidently depends on level 5 automation. Covid-19 showed the power of humans to stay in shelter without complaints as level 5 automation would make humans rely and relive their driving stress, road rage, avoid accidents happening under influence and make roads safer than air travel.