Video Conferencing

Eliminate unwanted guest automatically

Conference details leak by number of ways. These guests conduct unethical activities in live sessions. As every kind of  meeting, education, activities etc have gone online, it is important to protect the privacy and content of the meeting from any intruder. Make users safer.

Only verified participants are automatically accepted

Engaging the participants at the time of creating a conference invitation, helps only invited guests to join

Automatically divert non verified guests to waiting room

Verify rules to the joining guests in real time. Compromised laptop can leak the details but will allow only the right owner of laptop to join

By pass vulnerabilities introduced by use of third party libraries or any uncaught issue in product

Defend in real time the unknown vulnerabilities introduced by any standard or additional functionality of product

Only valid participant’s connections are accepted

A meeting or video conference is expensive for the company. They take away quality work time of several employees. If the meeting is interrupted due to unexpected guest(s), the productivity is not regained immediately.

Verification of video conferencing application or agent on client end

Fresh install, update or patch from video conference application is verified on client’s end before deploying. The run agent (usually runs as a browser application) is verified on client’s end before use.

Ease in remote control commands for video conferencing client

All video conferencing clients can have mute, video, presenter and share screen options with on/off status. These controls are often used by the host like to mute all, transfer the presentation rights etc. Make the client side strong to accept the commands only from the valid host/participant.