Secured  Over The Air updates for IoT devices

OTAinfo provides enterprise level cybersecurity for software updates and prevents man in the middle attacks.  

Software and Firmware updates over the air (SOTA/FOTA) for connected devices can be anywhere in the world. Our fault tolerant ecosystem is Uptane compliant and provides data provenance.


In a world of connected loT devices, attackers can exploit data transfer vulnerabilities. There is an urgent need to protect these devices through secure over the air (OTA) updates.

Learn more about the attacks.

Our Solution: Key Features

SEPAration of trust

  • OTAinfo SDK allows stakeholders to sign builds using offline keys.

  • Distribute responsibility for the signing of metadata. If one signing key is compromised, it will not affect other users.


  • Requires minimum number of to be matched before the target device accepts the data.

  • Compromise of one location does not jeopardize the data transfer. 

OTAinfo AI

  • Devices can defend themselves against attackers by checking signatures in metadata.

  • A distinct 3 step process allows the devices to defend itself against attackers.


  • Feedback loop 

  •  Detect MITM attack , and Avoid the build to be deployed

  • Update cycle efficiency report

  • Geolocation efficiency of updates

  • Success ratio of supply chain.


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