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The product consists of 3 parts. OTAinfoSDK, OTAinfoLIB and OTAinfo Cloud.

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Send OTA updates with confidence Automotive industry is moving towards level 5 in autonomous vehicles. Inorder to maintain its reputation in market, the OEM has not only to distinguish its supply chain protection with uniqueness but also to safeguard the owner of the vehicle. With OTAinfo, add this crown to infrastructure with an affordable overhead

Car Sharing

If cellular connectivity is lost, cars cannot be operated. This impacts 1. User if connectivity is lost due to cell phone malfunction or any other reason or 2. Car sharing does not have any business if the use is in an area without cellular connectivity.


Devices are subject to Man in the Middle attacks. There are sophisticated software bots/devices which can sense the connectivity options, heat maps or sniff the network data of these devices. The devices are not intelligent enough to defend such attacks or queries from bot/unidentified devices.

Video Conferencing

If the meeting details are leaked or if a bot application finds out the meeting details which are in progress, it is hacked.

Medical Use Case

Security is not at every layer but it is decided by IT,clinical engineering and vendors. Hence the main function of the device and the transmission visibility may be overlooked. If these devices do not negotiate trust with the network, user or transmitted line of devices, it can leak data.