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The product consists of 3 parts. OTAinfoSDK, OTAinfoLIB and OTAinfo Cloud.

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Meet A Rockstar For Building Trust

OTAinfo starts managing trust in minutes. Once active will run in real time. Define a process to manage the trust verification specific to each IoT/remote device. Be part of a system where metadata that defines trust can be made public. It is useful on for one device in entire galaxy.

Make Imagination A Reality

Implement your thoughts immediately. Empower new endorsements for data lineage and get complete control over the process.

Create active engagement of stake holders

Setup a professional collaboration in digital information exchange. Convert complex supply chain into simple update for target devices.

Never regret the last minute rush for release

In event of a collaboration rush to complete the task, there may be a step tha t would be overlooked. Now the target device has the intelligence to identify the rush and decide if the data can be accepted or rejected.

Visualize automation in trust generation supply chain. Single command to generate bundle of metadata containing trust

Aggregate the trust generated from supply chain in OTAinfo cloud

Generate target accepted metadata containing trust