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The product consists of 3 parts. OTAinfoSDK, OTAinfoLIB and OTAinfo Cloud.

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Supply chain collaboration

Data insight alone is incomplete without knowing and verifying its source. Every manufacturer implements its own means to discover the source but not all parts/services are in house to them. Optimizing the production line requires a team work between multi tiered supply chain.

Why is Data important?

Data is a life line for business to succeed. Data is enriched by using AI/ML, Analytics etc to get better decision power during any known/unknown condition. The base of decision making depends on how trustworthy the data source is. A 100 percent certified source would yield reliable results versus regular or untrusted data source.

How can the supply chain contribute? 

A supply chain is identified by the manufacturer  to optimize business goals. However the digital revolution is still happening in many industries. This means the digital data exchange or collaboration on cloud (private/public). All deliveries of data are online and are 24X7. If the supply chain stakeholders can sign these data elements at the stage they push them for next level would help manufacturers be 24X7 self sufficient for establishing trust.

Why OTAinfo for trust generation?

OTAinfo provides SDK that independently gets deployed at stakeholders locations and only collaborates to transfer trust on cloud. The actual data and trust generation mechanism is kept private and secured at the source

Automate stakeholders' onboarding

OTAinfo SDK allows single step onboarding of new collaboration in the supply chain. OTAinfo tools allow the user to use SDK with helper or as a library based on the expertise of the user

Automate IoT/remote device collaboration configuration

Each device is treated as an individual subscriber to verify trust for every piece of meaningful data received. It also generates trust when communicating important data.