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The product consists of 3 parts. OTAinfoSDK, OTAinfoLIB and OTAinfo Cloud.

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Data Attestation

Critical data requires additional information describing the trust and origin of the data. Validation of this additional information must be the capability of the consumer. Almost all companies have implemented this feature partially or completely.

What is missing?

Data pushed/requested travels between designated points. However either points may not be the true origin or final destination. Also the receiving point relies accepts what it receives after validating the certificate or checksum or signature or all three. Any compromise on sender will compromise the rest of the chain.

How to take this to next level?

A framework for data attestation that can be independent of data and its source will allow the consumers to be more intelligent in identifying the good data from rest of the data. Each step in the data lineage can create trust without disturbing the integrating of data.

Role of OTAinfo

We automate the trust generation activity at each level in data lineage. Our infrastructure allows the trust generators to collaborate and make it available to any IoT device located in the galaxy.

Build v/s buy

IoT/remote devices use a collection of suppliers in different capacity and different levels. It is not possible for all companies to have a trust aggregation and collaboration platform. There is a need for a standardized framework for trust building. OTAinfo provides it.

Who owns the trust on OTAinfo cloud?

The subscriber owns the trust. OTAinfo cloud does advance level archiving and dynamics generation of trust. All contributors are subscriber assigned for uploading their part of the story.