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The product consists of 3 parts. OTAinfoSDK, OTAinfoLIB and OTAinfo Cloud.

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Channel your data to correct destination

Internet is a world of networks. Data passes through multiple hops before reaching the correct destination. Sniffing is very common. Data may be modified at any phase of transport. TLS 1.3 is secured. However the level of data being dirty depends on which stage is compromised. Any piece of data which has lost its original form is useless or may create confusion leading to monetary losses.

Establish Trust

Creating a trail of truth helps! But the data can be consumed by one or many and each consumer must be treated separately for perfect trust transfer. Only the consumer for whom the trust is created will be able to verify and consume it!

Managing side

All active stake holders can be consolidated on analytics dashboard. This will provide the performance of the stake holders, operational and functional process of data on the receiver end and can be tied with the demand of data versus the actual supply of itself.

Actiondone analytics                      

Analytics are followed by action or may be on receiving a metric action is taken. OTAinfo goes a step further. Action is taken on remote device and analytics are shown to get insight on sequence of event that happened.

One UP from all

Easy to understand but tedious to perform is what OTAinfo brings to table in extremely simplified form. The cloud infrastructure provided by OTAinfo can be transparent to the paying customers. They can manage and maintain every aspect of it!

Leads again

Priced at the mark you like! OTAinfo is your trust infrastructure.

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